Attending your appointment at Riverside Surgery

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and desire to protect our staff and patients, we are kindly requesting that anybody attending Riverside Surgery to please observe some simple measures:

  • Please use a face covering e.g. scarf/mask
  • Please ensure you stand back from members of staff at the reception desk
  • Please limit the surfaces you touch within the building, with the exception of the chairs in the waiting room or consulting room
  • Avoid multiple family members attending with the patient, unless absolutely necessary e.g. to translate, a parent will need to attend with a child etc
  • If needing to exchange items with a member of staff at the front door, we will use where possible the table in the foyer to leave items there, allowing you to then pick them up – minimising any contact you will have with our staff

We are grateful for the ongoing patience and understanding from everyone. Thank you.

Riverside Surgery Team.