Covid-19 Vaccine

We are pleased to announce that as of the 25th Jan 2021 the first 3 batches of Pfizer vaccine (approximately 500 in total) have now been successfully given to a number of our patients from Riverside Surgery. Our staff have been working tirelessly at the Town Hall, alongside five other local practices to ensure every single vaccine was given, even in the challenging weather conditions over the weekend.

We started with the oldest patients on our list and worked our way down in age descending order. We appreciate that some patients will not have been able to get to the Town Hall due to health restrictions and therefore when we have delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccines we will start to contact our housebound patients to offer them a vaccine at home.

Please be patient whilst we work our way through our list of 10,000 patients. We are dependent on the government to provide us with more vaccine and we will contact you as soon as we know anything further.


The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you and others around you the best protection against coronavirus.

For further information please see the NHS website:

Date published: 18th December, 2020
Date last updated: 26th January, 2021