Updated Practice Boundary

At Riverside Surgery we have grown rapidly in the last 3 years, gaining over 5% in our list size – with the list size continuing to grow at this fast pace. As a result the quality of service we are able to deliver to our current patient group is at a critical point. We are proud of the service we currently offer our patients, but we are concerned that if we continue to grow at such a rapid rate, we are at risk of offering a substandard service and reduced access to our existing patients.

As a result we have applied and been allowed to reduce our boundary so patients predominantly in HP11, 12,13 and 14 will remain in our service area; but those in outlying regions e.g. HP15 (Hazlemere) and HP10 (Loudwater) will no longer be able to register with us. Please note that patients already registered with us will NOT be asked to re-register; only new patients (or current patients moving) outside of our practice boundary will be asked to register elsewhere. This will allow our surgery to focus on maintaining excellent services directly to a more concentrated patient group in central Wycombe.